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Rochester High School Homes For Sale

Rochester High School built in 1989 serves approximately 600 students in grades 9-12 in the rural community of Rochester, Washington. The main building is approximately 66,000 square feet with an additional eight portable classrooms. We also have an auxiliary building currently used as a weight room/wrestling facility, as well as a greenhouse; constructed by our vocational department in 2005. We have 32 teachers. 2 counselors, 7 instructional assistants, 3 support staff people, a principal, and an assistant principal. Our average class size is 27-28 students. Approximately 77% of our teachers have Masters Degrees.

Rochester High School offers a comprehensive curriculum with a large array of course work in each curriculum area. In addition to the regular school programs, our students have extra educational opportunities at New Market Vocational Skill Center and Running Start.

At Rochester High School we use the Family Access grading program, which allows teachers to post electronic grade books on secure internet sites. Parents and students may then access their grades, by clicking on the button at left, from any computer with internet access anywhere in the world. It is now possible for parents working overseas to access their son or daughter's grades and class information using student-specific passwords and log-in identifications. Parents and students who supply their e-mail addresses to the teachers can have their grades and comments e-mailed to them on a regular basis. In addition to electronic reporting, Rochester also continues to supply the traditional paper progress reports and report cards.

Rochester High School staff and administration welcome all parents and patrons of Rochester to join us in our quest to better serve our young people. All are welcome to visit or volunteer in any of our numerous activities and events.