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Grand Mound Elementary School Homes For Sale

Grand Mound School serves approximately 500 students in grades 3-5 in the rural community of Rochester, Washington. We have 27 teachers, 1 counselor, 24 instructional assistants, 1.25 support staff people, and a principal. Average class size is 23 students. All of Grand Mound's teachers are highly qualified according to national standards set in the No Child Left Behind federal legislation.

Grand Mound Elementary School has just completed a remodeling that began in January 2003, The remodeled building now has 24 regular classrooms, 3 special education classrooms, a library, a computer lab, a Highly Capable area, a gym, a cafeteria, and offices. Grand Mound's campus has 10 portables. Grand Mound also hosts a Head Start preschool and a Special Education Preschool on its site.

Grand Mound has been a recipient of the Gates Technology Grant for the last two years. In order to receive this grant, Grand Mound was identified by the Gates Foundation as being a highly effective school that embraces the attributes of a common focus, high expectations, personalization, respect, responsibility, time to collaborate, instruction based on performance, and the use of technology as a tool. As a result of this Gates Grant, Grand Mound now integrates technology into all facets of learning with the goal of improving student achievement and expanding student learning to its highest potential.