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Pioneer Elementary School Homes For Sale

Pioneer Elementary School is located on the corner of Carlyon and Henderson Boulevard near Olympia High School. Our service area reaches out to several neighborhoods of southeast Olympia. Because of its proximity, Pioneer is truly a neighborhood school. Named in honor of the pioneers who settled the southeast Olympia area, the school was completed in September, 1969.

The educators, realizing the impact of the rapid expansion in technology, knowledge and population, formulated a workable and flexible educational program around which the architects could design. The program requested self-fulfillment for the student, social involvement for the student, accessibility to knowledge by the student, mobility for interaction and teacher reinforcement. The total cost of original construction was $643,563.00 The building was designed and supervised by Bennett & Johnson, AIA & Associates, Architects, Olympia.

We envision that Pioneer will be a trusting and collaborative community that develops life-long, self-directed learners.

The Pioneer Elementary School community challenges each individual to reach full potential in a setting that fosters mutual respect, trust and cooperation.


"In the past 6 years I have had 3 children in Pioneer and have had teachers in every grade. I have been very impressed with the quality of the teaching and the administration. There are many opportunities for after school activities from science to drama to sports. Parent involvement is very high. (For working parents the expectations might be a little too high sometimes. Not all parents can make it to the lunch barbeque every time.) I would highly recommend this school."
Submitted by a parent

"Pioneer is a very traditional school, with a very stable and yet demanding clientele. The teachers are topnotch. The new principal brings enthusiasm and a positive role model. The school will be adding a new wing beginning this fall and subsequently growing in number of students. It is currently a very small and cozy place. From first grade through fifth there are great extracurricular options available, from sports, foreign language, art, and science classes. "
Submitted by a teacher

"This is a fine school for normal typically developing children. Luckily my son has no special needs and does just fine here. There are many round holes for children who are round pegs but if your child has any edges she will not get her needs met here. We will not place our daughter with special needs in this school. Most of the teachers are committed and caring."
Submitted by a parent