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Vision Statements
Graduating students will be responsible, competent, and contributing members of society who are prepared to lead successful lives.
The primary role of teachers will be to facilitate and inspire student growth.
Teachers will be competent, valuable professionals who work collaboratively to provide supportive, student-centered instruction.
The curricula will be intentional, diverse, relevant, and dynamic.
The administration will consist of supportive, consistent, strong leaders focused on student learning.
Discipline issues will be handled respectfully, swiftly, consistently, and fairly.
The most important criterion for measuring our success will be the achievement of our students and graduates.
Our school will be recognized in the community as a provider of quality instruction based upon respect, achievement, and integrity.

Olympia High School will be recognized in the community as a school based upon respect, achievement, and integrity.
We will work collaboratively to develop instructional strategies, design methods of assessment, pursue professional development, and advance the vision of the school.We value life-long learning, commitment to community involvement, and quality work.
Graduating students will be responsible, competent, contributing members of society who are prepared to lead successful lives.
The administration will support a productive learning environment.

We will increase the percentage of students to graduate from Olympia High School.
We will maximize a student achievement on Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) and state mandated requirements.
We will create an atmosphere that challenges students to higher academic and ethical standards.


"I am an ex-student and a preservice teacher right now and I have to say Olympia High School prepared me well for college. Expectations are high and the teachers strive to help you achieve what you want to whether that be to go on to college or get your diploma and go into the work place. This is a top notch school and hope that my children will attend there someday and hope to be a part of the amazing teaching staff there as well! "
Submitted by a student

"I think that Olympia High School really prepared me for college. However, I think that, like most schools, you, the student, is responsible for learning. Nobody else can learn for you. I think that the opportunities at Olympia High School are amazing and if you take advantage of them, you can have an amazing high school experience. If you choose not to, then Olympia High can just be publicly funded baby-sitting. "
Submitted by a student

"Not only is Olympia High School one of the best high schools in the area, but it is ranked one of the top high schools in the nation. Many former students have gone on to do great things. The teachers are very dedicated to their students, and sometimes willing to go to great lengthts to help them out. Failure is not an option here, and the environment is friendly."
Submitted by a student

"great school, dedicated teachers and staff working together for every child's success. Parent out reach program is also great. Students are required to participate and help underclassmen. "
Submitted by a parent

"I'm a student at Olympia High School. I have to say that it is one of the best schools in this area. The curriculum is great, the teachers are great, the athletics are great, and the clubs/extracurriculars. I did read a few of the previous reviews and I have to say on the ones that disapproved of Olympia, I would have to disagree. You say that it only caters to caucasions and it's all about the honors kids. We do take pride in the fact our school is high in academics, and at the same time our teachers work hard to help everyone achieve their best. We have a ton of diversity at our school. In our students and clubs; students hold assemblies about things our school should be aware of or our different clubs for whatever your into. We also constantly have works of the students in our halls."
Submitted by a student

"OHS provides quality instruction and maintains high expectations for students, offering support for struggling learners. There are also opportunities for advanced students to receive rigorous curriculum in a motivating, and stimulating environment. Teachers really care about the students and are willing to work with parents and students to promote maximum learning. Each year a significantly high number of graduating seniors are awarded scholarships, and most go on to college. OHS is one of the most sought after high schools in our area for transferring students due to its excellent reputation for high achieving students"
Submitted by a parent

"I am very pleased with the education my daughter is receiving at O.H.S. She is challenged in her honors classes. Her coaches are fine people who are great mentors. She isn't just a 'number', but part of a small community. The students really like the principal, and he's been great to get back to me when I have a question. I give O.H.S. thumbs up! "
Submitted by a parent

"Olympia High School is a school that does not live up to its reputation. I am extremely dissatisfied with the administration team. The school has its head buried in the sand if they do not think it has a bullying/harrassment problem. My child does not feel safe at Olympia High school and the administration team is not dealing with it effectively. I am finding out it truly depends on who you are or the color of your skin to feel supported by the school. The school does not hesitate to falsely accuse certain students of breaking school rules, even when they have witnesses to prove their innocence. On the other hand, some students are able to 'get away' with false harrassment reports if they happen to have a certain rapport with the administrator in charge. My child and I can not wait until Olympia HIgh is no part of our lives. "
Submitted by a parent

"I graduated from Oly, and I have got to say that it is one of the best schools I have seen. I have seen the schools in 2 other districts and my family moved just because of the schools. The teachers here are great. They are involved. They don't just give homework and grade papers, they help to succeed. School spirit is strong. The Capital-Oly game is one of the most spirited events of the year. I found that people here are more welcoming then anywhere else. The only thing that bugged me was the crowded halls, but you can get that anywhere. "
Submitted by a student

"This school is wonderful. We hold forums on popular political issues about twice a year, and we have an entire week devoted to enhancing the understanding and acceptance of diversity. There is little bullying here and most students are happy, this is reflected in our drop out rates, which are extremely low when compared to the national average. There are also many opportunities for all kinds of students. There are AP classes and alternative education opportunities. Our fine arts programs are some of the best in the state. The kids at Olympia are deffently very talented and given opportunities to show their talents. The new theater facilities are wonderful and the shows that are put on are top notch. Also, the band and orchestra programs are very good and win many awards."
Submitted by a student

"This school shows much promise to students who wish to enlighten their lives, with many new choices for extracurricular activities as well as great teachers devoted to thier jobs. I have actually looked into some of the students who have special needs when it comes to mental developement, and when it comes to the school that you truly wish for your child, i highly recommend this one. The students not only bring about the highest test scores in Thurston County, but they also are proven to be the children with the most originality. "
Submitted by a parent