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Mclane Elementary School Homes For Sale

McLane is situated near the McLane Forest. With many cherished community partners, McLane students learn hands-on science through involvement in a reforestation and wetland learning lab on twenty-five acres of county property near the school.

Each week, at our G.R.I.N. Assemblies (Global Responsible Individuals Nurturing One Another), we honor "GRIN critters of the week". During the year, every student is honored. Songs, special themes, and other events make these Friday morning assemblies a joy for all. Family and friends are welcome. Assemblies are planned by a committee of staff and students who meet weekly.

Fourth and fifth grade students are chosen by their peers and teachers to become "peer mediators". After extensive training, pairs of peer mediators are on duty each recess to help other students solve problems in a non-violent, cooperative manner. Students are encouraged to get help from a peer mediator for non-violent disputes before asking for assistance from the adult playground monitors.

Volunteers are welcomed at McLane and provide us with a wealth of experience, talents, and interests that benefit our children. Our PTSO (Parent-Teacher-Student Organization) provides enriching opportunities for our students, families, and staff including the Passport Geography Program, Artist in Residence, Junior Programs, Super Owl Saturday, Sock Hop, Classroom Field Trips, Parent Workshops, and more. Our Site-Based Community Leadership Council is made up of parents, community members and staff, with the responsibility and purpose for long-range planning and goal setting for our school. The Council gives input into selection of personnel, budget developments, and student learning plans.