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Lincoln Elementary School Homes For Sale

The Options Program at Lincoln School offers an alternative approach to elementary education that is a choice for students in the Lincoln Service Area and from the Olympia School District. The program provides a unified model for grades K-5 that respects how children learn and views learning as a collaborative effort of staff, students and parents.

Attributes of the Options Program include:
Social and emotional growth, and academic growth are equally valued.
Children stay with the same teacher in multi-age classrooms for two years or more to support their learning and strengthen family school relationship.
Learning is integrated through concept development.
Multiple intelligences, cooperation, social justice and sustainability are taught and practiced.
Parents are vital to sustaining the Options program and are involved in governance, as partners supporting learning in the classroom, enrichment activities, field trips, fund raising, and social events.

The Options Design for Learning is the current work plan for the Options Community designed to support and improve student learning, environmental action, social justice, and nurturing the social emotional growth of children. Twelve initiatives outline specific goals, work strategies and time lines. Two initiates, Integrating Spanish and Science through Garden Curriculum, were identified by Parent Council and Staff as priorities for time and resources for the past year. In addition, a strong parent interest group has worked to make the Wet Lands Outdoor Environmental Study Facility a reality. Parents and Staff are also involved in our Assessment work group and our Reading Improvement Initiative. The curriculum initiative, Teaching Critical Thinking Skills, has been a staff priority for the past two years. Copies of our Options Design for Learning are available at our school office.