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South Bay Elementary School Homes For Sale

South Sound High School is a small alternative, "choice" high school. A choice school can be defined as a school that provides student-centered curriculum, varied instructional methods, and a flexible environment that responds to the needs of student and staff activities. It is an educational choice different from the traditional comprehensive high school.

Encourage dialogue with individual students to design an educational program meeting district requirements, state guidelines, and the specific needs of the student. Develop a flexible curriculum to allow for the individual needs of the student and/or family.

Provide best practices in teaching that can include, but are not restricted to, lecture, experiential learning, inquiry, simulation, team building, and independent study. Respect the individual student's learning and behavioral style. Work to help students understand themselves, their limits, their strengths, and their responsibilities.

Provide an environment that can change to meet the needs of the group at a given time. Develop a system whereby each student feels that a staff member understands his or her needs. Stress positive interactions and validation of the student's strengths to build his or her self esteem. Work with small enough groups so that adequate attention can be given to the learning of each student in the group.