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Chinook Middle School Homes For Sale

Chinook Middle School is a learning community rich in tradition where students can achieve great success. The transition to middle school provides ample opportunity for young adolescents to form positive attitudes, create strong habits of mind, and explore new learning experiences.

In order to ensure learning and success for all, Chinook is comprised of 4 halls with 2 teams on each hall. Three teams consist of approximately 120 students and one team is smaller with about 60 students who stay with the same group of core teachers for the duration of the year. This "school within a school" concept fosters strong relationships with staff and allows each student to have an adult advocate who is dedicated to their developmental growth.

One of the greatest factors that lead to success at our school is the ability for students and staff to set and hold high expectations for all. Chinook has created a safe learning environment where students feel comfortable seeking out positive risks and taking on challenging learning activities.

In addition to a strong academic program, we are developmentally responsive to our students' needs outside the school day. Chinook offers many extra-curricular activities that give our students more opportunities to become connected. We have a full and inclusive four-season sports program. Students are also able to participate in a wide variety of activities including, After School Study, Community Clubhouse,TEENS (gifted and talented) Program, Yearbook, and Leadership.